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Property Problems

Property given its market value and growth value can be a very easy element of confusion and rivalry in a family. Whenever every family member wants a piece of the family land. Therefore are times people forget of the astrological aspects of the land. Moreover our eyes light up like bulbs when we land priced at lesser prices than the actual value. And buy it without considering any of the important factors of the land in terms of Vastu Shastra. In other words the brunt of this felt only when the land starts producing unwelcomed characteristics. So, Famous Best astrologer in Ottawa Pandithshankarji solves all your property problems.

Most importantly visiting an astrologer before purchasing the land firstly. It is important we live beyond the greed of having materialistic things. As a result a piece of land is valued at a price you value it at. To clarify family should not break its unity cause of a piece of land.

Best astrologer in Ottawa Pandithshankarji’s is an expert in handling such problems and could be a great help to any individual going through this problem.

External Problems

In conclusion any external property problems is to examine gutters. Also downpipes and drains for signs of deterioration.

  • Vegetation growing out of gutters
  • Slipped or loose slates
  • Rusting
  • Cracking cast iron down pipes
  • gutters
  • Leaking overflow pipes
  • Cracks in stonework
  • Defective pointing to windows or walls
  • Moss or lichen growing on the stonework
  • Damp staining on stonework particularly adjacent to pipes
  • Damaged or overflowing drains
  • Check for defects in lead flashings
  • round chimneys valleys
  • Parapet walls
Internal Problems

Spotting internal property problems is not quite so easy, but in roofs and basements you can easily check the following:

  • Water staining in the roof void
  • Check your seals round baths and showers
  • Check under your floor for condensation
  • If you smell dampness within your property, investigate it.
  • Do not let it fester and cause damp problems.

Further more property problems and solutions. However contact our famous Indian Best astrologer in Ottawa, Toronto in Canada.

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