Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage, Pandithshankarji best astrologer Healer in Mississauga Canada explains you in detail and gives remedies for the same.In the marriage horoscope, the 5th House is the House of Love and 7th House is the House of Marriage. In other words that a love marriage takes place, therefore has to be some sort of a connection of the 5th House.

Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage

That is to say way to successful love marriage or arrange marriage varies some get it through free love. Some children through the parents arrangement. At the same time few through the match of friends, colleagues, and even matrimony. But Pandithshankarji Healer in Mississauga Canada says, in India people generally get married under the arrangement of parents. Likewise despite of gender, education background and modern ideas. Indian men and women seemingly can’t get rid of the bondage of system and traditional family. Furthermore they generally follow their parents arrangement to date and get married. Healer in Mississauga Canada says similarly you may want to know about if marriage will be based on the true love or the arranged direction.

Love marriage people should be born under particular sign and spouse sign. For example if your sign is Aries then your spouse sign should be Sagittarius or Leo. To conclude possibility of love marriage increases under particular sign and spouse sign. Here is a list of spouse sign for each sign.

Sign            Spouse Sign

Aries           Sagittarius or Leo
Taurus        Capricorn or Virgo
Gemini        Libra or Aquarius
Cancer        Scorpio or Pisces
Leo             Sagittarius or Aries
Virgo           Taurus or Capricorn
Libra           Gemini or Aquarius
Scorpio       Cancer or Pisces
Sagittarius   Aries or Leo
Capricorn    Virgo or Taurus
Aquarius     Gemini or Libra
Pisces        Cancer or Scorpio

Astrology Analysis
  1. Firstly, Combinations of all planets like Sun-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn-Mars-Mercury & their impact on married life.
  2. Secondly. Description & details of planets affecting your horoscope; Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.
  3. Thirdly, Planets that decide whether you will have love or arranged marriage with description of relevant houses of planets in the chart.
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